This is Abbasession: A tribute to ABBA  

Formed in 2009,Abbasession are a professional Abba tribute show that takes the Abba experience right back to the 70’s where it all began, playing all of your favourite Abba dance and pop rock classics.

Abbasession are unique in that they deliver a fantastic production and performance in almost any live situation, from concert halls to function rooms, even in the privacy of your own home.

Abbasession love to get the audience involved in their shows, you’ll have the two ladies roaming and circling the party singing and performing their Abba moves and encouraging audience participation so no one is excluded from the excitement and energy of the show.

When you hire Abbasession, you’ll come to realize why they are one of the most fun and entertaining Abba tribute shows in Australia.

You’ll have all your friends, family and patrons talking about this great night for years to come .

Abbasession are the original Abba tribute duo and trio show.  Abbasession offer a 2 , 3 or 4 piece outfit for all of your event needs

And for that something extra, why not take advantage of our limited time only, introductory special price of $200 extra when you book an Abbasession meets The Village People package.