Mark has over 25 years of singing experience as a lead vocalist in Melbourne’s popular cover bands such as Men of Leisure and Chorus. Mark spent 2 years studying singing with Peter Cupples as his mentor. He has also worked alongside Greg Macainsh of Skyhooks. Mark knows how to get a party started and is a great entertainer with a strong voice and loads of charisma which will keep people smiling and dancing all night long.

Stephane Lajoie – Bass and Vocals

Stephane has over 25 years of playing bass in some of Melbourne’s most popular cover bands such as Scarecrow, Reflections Of, Beyond Belief, Relax WIth Max, Max Loves 99, Blind Mice, Velvet Corporation, Blinder, The Andrew Wishart Band, 80sOnTheEdge and The Australian FleetwoodMac/Eurthymics show. Stephane has also backed various artists on Hey Hey It’s Saturday and the Bert Newton show. With his bright stage persona, harmonious vocals and thumping bass, Stephane will keep the groove and dance floor burning.

Mat Poole – Guitar and Vocals

Mat is an incredibly talented guitarist who has over 25 years of live party-band entertainment experience. He played guitar in the Melbourne popular cover band Pean for 10 years, Kartoon for 3 years and filled in for countless other cover bands. He has recorded and played with the original band Hydraplayne. Mat’s loves to party and his singing and awesome guitar solos will electrify your party.

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