Creedence Clearwater Recycled

The band, that continually stuns and excites audiences wherever they play, who are totally dedicated to upholding the pureness and spirit of this timeless music. How they, even with their legion of fans, manage to remain somewhat of a mystery is a story within itself.

Rumors about who the individual members of Creedence Clearwater Recycled are, and where they originate from, have been rife over the years. For instance, “ They’re the real CCR”, or “ Some of them are the original members of CCR”, to “They’re relatives of the original band”. Then, “ They’re from Louisiana”, or “ They must be Mississippi boys”.

The debate has been vigorous to the point where mass amounts of money have been waged. Creedence Clearwater Recycled didn’t intentionally set out for this to happen. They simply never considered their own identities to be relevant.

The great Creedence Clearwater Revival respectfully paid homage to those Country, Rock and Blues musicians that had influenced the world yet had remained relatively unknown. They tastefully breathed new life into their renditions of Susie Q, I Put a Spell On You etc, sewing the seed for listeners to search out the original artists for whom had not been duly credited.