Dr Andrew Rochford

Dr Andrew Rochford’s mission is to demystify the confusion that surrounds new age diets, fitness and alternative therapies, and help people choose what is right for the individual. He does this from a medical point of view, providing people with a credible insight into modern day medicine and health.

Well being is no longer just the domain of the surgeon’s blade and the physician’s stethoscope. It has become an abundant mixture of alternative therapies, detoxifying diets, weight loss programs, juice bars, yoga stretches, holistic spiritual healers and many more.

Everywhere you turn, from newspapers to magazines to radio and TV there is a new way to get healthy, feel good and look great.

But amongst the thousands of ‘new and improved’ ways for us to stay healthy, there is nothing that helps us to decipher the good from bad, fact from fad, truth from myth. That’s where Andrew and “What’s Good For You” step in.

  • BIO

Doctor Andrew Rochford joined the What's Good for You team on the Nine Network as the resident medicine man and human guinea pig. In his role on the series thus far, he has eaten fifteen kilos of carrots to see whether his eyesight improves, stung himself with bluebottles to test five different remedies and waxed one side of his body to see if the hair will grow back coarser and darker.

Andrew is a presenter on What’s Good for You, as well as the Waiting Room, a medical-based factual reality program, and a new series called You Saved My Life. He also narrates and hosts Amazing Medical Stories, all of which are on the Nine Network. Demystifying medical myths for TV goes hand in hand with his work as an Emergency Registrar at the Royal North Shore Hospital.

Andrew is the face of Guardian Insurance, and also has a weekly segment on the Ten Networks The 7pm Project and fortnightly appearances on Mornings with Kerri Anne, covering medical issues.

Andrew has previously worked in Brisbane at Princess Alexandra Hospital as well as Concord and Canterbury hospital in Sydney.

Formerly known as the Block Doc, Andrew became known to Australia’s TV viewing public for his stint on the 2004 series of The Block with his partner Jamie, where they subsequently won the series.

Andrew is a Graduate of The University of Sydney Medical School (Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery), completing the graduate medical program with honours. To compliment this he also holds a Bachelors Degree in Medical Science from the University of Sydney, majoring in Anatomy and Neuroscience.

Andrew has also been published in the journal Neurosurgery as part of a research project for the Cerebrovascular Centre at Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards, Sydney. His specific medical interests include Trauma, Critical Care and Preventative Medicine. Andrew is also an Ambassador for Drink Wise, which seeks to promote a change towards a more responsible drinking culture in Australia.