Jae Rowbotham

Being the cousin of Courtney and Chris Murphy (Australian Idol finalists) Jae is certainly no stranger to the stage. He sports 22 years experience behind him in the industry playing varieties of shows (Both corporate and the Pub/Club circuit) Jae has built himself up with a strong foundation as one of the best solo acoustic and vocal performers on the Melbourne scene.

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Some of his achievements to note include: Sharing the same stage and performing with the West Australian Symphony orchestra Performing at various times on Channel 7 Telethon Fronted by Mushroom Records for original compositions Playing high profile venues (where celebrity acts play the same stage) such as The Westernport Hotel, Ruby’s lounge, Eltham Hotel, Davey’s Bar and Bistro, Limerick Arms Hotel (sth Melbourne), Shoppingtown Hotel , Rainbow Hotel (Fitzroy) Brunswick Hotel and Skyways International Airport Bar. Branching out and playing a bunch of shows in the country Victorian areas and even a couple of trips up to NSW and QLD. Of course listing them all could take a little while. Jae’s strong voice, sparkling personality and outstanding musicianship has put him in the forefront over and above the rest with broad appeal. He’s carefully constructed a set list which endeavours to be a little bit different, by playing your favourite songs of a Folk/Alternative nature which suits the venue, the mood and is definitely not beyond his reach as a performer..and requests? Well there’s no harm in asking here, give it a try; chances are he may well know it. By booking Jae for your next Corporate event or Pub show, you are sure to get exactly what you expect, someone who will entertain you, someone who will excite your musical senses and someone who will keep a smile on your guests faces. Having said all that, on with the show.