Cover Bands Vs. Tribute Acts

Cover Bands and Tribute Acts are both hugely popular for corporate, public, promotional and private events (including weddings!). After all, nothing comes close to the excitement, atmosphere, and energy of live music at your event. But what exactly is the difference between a cover band and a tribute act? They do have a few things in common, but there are also some important differences.

What is a Cover Band?

A cover band is a group of musicians who usually play a wide range of popular songs from a broad range of artists. They don’t focus on any one performer but tend to offer a variety of classic and modern hits that will have a broad appeal to audiences. Some cover bands will focus on a particular period – for example the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s – while others will have a huge range of songs that you can cherry pick from. Most cover bands will have a song list that you can look at prior to booking to see if their repertoire is suitable for your event.

For many up-and-coming musicians, playing in a cover band can be a great source of income while they work towards having their original music recognised and appreciated.

Booking a cover band for your event is a sure-fire way of getting the crowd up and dancing, thanks to the energy a band will bring and their broad appeal to a wide audience demographic.

What is a Tribute Act?

On the other hand, a Tribute Act will usually focus exclusively focus on the work of one band or musical artist (sometimes two). They will not only play the songs of that musician or group but will attempt to recreate the experience of seeing the original as closely as possible – from the physical resemblance to the mannerisms, voice and banter between songs.

Because of their dedication to a particular act, tribute bands tend to attract devoted followers in their own right and are more likely to get booked for larger events at casinos or public events. Some tribute bands have even been seen by the original performer in question – for example, the 100% Kylie show has been viewed by many members of the Minogue family and has been endorsed by Kylie herself as the ‘Best Kylie Act in the World’. There is surely no greater praise than that!

Should You Book a Cover Band or a Tribute Act for Your Event?

If you are holding a ticketed event, then a Tribute Act is a great way to capture sales. Some of Australia’s most popular tribute acts are huge names in their own right and command a significant following! Acts such as Gold Chisel, Inxsive and Reckless channel some of Australia’s most popular ever entertainers and as such as very popular for large public events. Then you have international tribute acts such as BABBA, Bjorn Again or Waterloo – all tributes to ABBA. Or The Robbie Williams Experience, Livin Pink or Immaculate Madonna, all tributes to modern performers. Depending on your audience demographic and event type, a tribute act might just be the perfect way to make your event shine.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a band for your venue or hotel, or for a corporate event or wedding, then a classic cover band is more likely to appeal to a broad demographic. There will be something for everyone in their set list, ensuring that all your guests are going to have a good time. Thanks to the number of quality cover bands in Melbourne, you have a great range of performers to choose from. Whether you are after a retro 80’s act or 90’s cover band, a country & western cover band or a cover band specialising in Golden Oldies hits, you are bound to find the right fit for your event.

How Australian Entertainment Services Can Help!

Australian Entertainment Services has Australia’s largest pool of professional musicians and performers. If you are looking for a live music act for your event, please get in touch. We’ve been booking quality entertainment for more than 30 years and can help guide your choices when faced with the decision between a cover band or tribute act!