Fleetwood Max

Sue Jones was born to sing. She has many years of television and radio experience under her belt including being a regular on Bert Newtons Morning show and live appearances on Video hits and Hey Hey it’s Saturday and as a sort after session singer, can be heard on countless jingles around the country.

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Fallon Williams is one of Australia’s most sought after session drummers with a list of who’s who credits to his name both nationally and abroad. An amazingly solid time keeper who plays with finesse and power across a wide variety of styles, Fallon is a welcome asset to the Rhythm section with the bonus of having worked extensively with Rick Petropoulos on other projects over the years.

Peter Valentine is an accomplished keyboard player and has been for many years across Australia, performing extensively backing artists such as Darryl Cotton over two decades, and was also the keyboard player in both the Burns Cotton and Morris SHOW, and the Keays, Cotton and Morris Show for many years. His extensive experience and talent across so many genres makes him a wonderful asset to Fleetwood Max.

Rick Petropoulos has a long and successful history in the Australian music industry. He is a dynamic player and his love of good music and performing is really apparent on stage. Having worked on several projects with Fallon, this rhythm sections doesn’t get any tighter!

One of Melbourne’s most versatile guitarists, David Hampton has spent many hours perfecting Lindsay Buckingham’s unique finger picking style to add authenticity to the overall sound. Delivering 110% every time, his love of music and performing shines through and is certainly a wonderful asset to the Show.

Bringing his sensational lead vocals and harmonies along with his skills as an acoustic rhythm guitarist to Fleetwood Max, Jordan Zdimirovic may be the youngest member of the band but don’t be fooled, this talented young man is a powerhouse!