Forget the norm – Great Gatsby your event

Event themes can be sophisticated and subdued or as wild as your imagination.  A themed event can include themed entertainment, decorations, food, table settings and even staff and guest costumes.

There are any number of event themes you can choose from and any number of eras.  Take the Gatsby era for example.

Jay Gatsby (originally named James Gatz) is the fictional character of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby set in 1922 in the fictional village of West Egg. The character is an enigmatic millionaire who lives in a luxurious mansion on Long Island where he often hosts extravagant parties. He allegedly gained his vast fortune by illicit bootlegging during prohibition in the United States.

The Roaring 20’s is a fabulous and fun era of extravagant outfits, cocktails and of course, live music.

Just one of many AES bands who can bring the 1920s theme to your event is Big City Beat.  Can you imagine you and your guests joining them on the dancefloor?

As guests enter your event, guide them to the door on a red carpet. You might like to greet them with a cocktail, perhaps a Rickey – a mixture of gin and lime juice with a splash of club soda, or a ChampagneClick here for some other mouth watering Gatsby themed cocktails. How about a roving juggling act and even a magician. AES can help you find the perfect roaming entertainment as well as a tribute or cover band for your Gatsby entertainment. Can you image cigarette girls offering roaring 20’s party food such as meatballs on a toothpick or shrimp toast (instead of cigarettes)?

Use a roving photographer dressed up like a 1920s press photographer – speak to Casamento Photography and make space for a special themed photobooth.

Gatsby decorations could include giant feathers, feathers and more feathers, black and gold balloons, lots of glitter, roaring 20s wall signs and shimmering metallic chandeliers.  Send your save the date and invitations on chevron themed paper (yes… the old-fashioned way, via mail) Choose 1920s glassware.  Table centers could include bootleg liquor signs, microphones, balloon arrangements or even a large cocktail glass with some feathers and beads falling out of it.

Serving your guests with an authentic Gatsby menu is also fun.  Don’t forget costumes.  Ask reception or venue staff to dress up and even guests.  Everyone loves a special dress up, and if you give guests enough time and even options, you’ll find some very excited people at the end of their invitation.

You can totally take your guests to another world once they step through the venue doors. Speak to us about all the varied entertainment, special lighting and equipment you need for a successful Gatsby themed party, special celebration, corporate event, fundraising event or venue entertainment.

And, in honor of what would have been the great authors F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 126th birthday on the 24th September, we leave you with this fabulous quote. “And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” F. Scott Fitzgerald. author. The Great Gatsby.