Supporting your local

In recent months, patrons have returned to dining, enjoying live music and all Victoria’s fabulous hospitality industry has to offer.

We’ve seen our venue entertainment bookings grow each month leading up to end of year celebration plans, and what a celebration it will be after the turbulent few years Australia has endured.

It was disappointing however, to read in the ABC News ‘The “long tail” of the global pandemic will continue to weaken Melbourne’s live music industry unless the sector can work on a collaborative plan to keep musicians on stage and venues from closing their doors’.

The Victorian Government recently launched round two of the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program injecting 25million back into the industry.  It was interesting to see promised rebates that would be open until the 16th December (or when funds were exhausted) were exhausted in just two weeks after it launched.  The program had been extended the first time around.  Were patrons quicker to catch on this time?  We welcomed this great initiative and hope that another round of funding will be announced.

The fund closing in just two weeks is not indictive of a stronger economy.  Venues, musicians and the like still need our support.  Apart from punters seemingly slow to return to venues, the white paper reported by the ABC News reported it found less than half of all Victorian live music venues have re-opened to audiences.  That’s less jobs in the future, less work for musicians, photographers, sound and lightening technicians, and the list goes on and on.

When was the last time you experienced live music? Was it at a festival, in a local pub, concert hall?  There are so many different experiences to be had, so many types of music and so many types of bands.  Look around the audience when you next visit a venue.  Live music breathes live into people like nothing else. Live entertainment goes so much further than any of us realised until we’re experiencing the exhilaration from each and every Australian entertainer.

Organise tickets and book a table for dinner and drinks at one of the exceptional venues who book live music through Australian Entertainment Services.  Not only will you have a fabulous time and experience some of Australian’s best entertainers, you will be supporting the local economy.

Venue staff, bands, sound engineers, roadies, agents, band managers, ticketing site staff, promoters all benefit from a single ticket sale. There are countless Australians benefiting from a night out, putting money back into the local economy, that could, in turn, help you or your business or employer to pay the bills.  And how?  From an enjoyable night out with friends and family.

Visit our social media and web page to learn about the different entertainment types and upcoming gigs. Venues are booking cover bands, tribute bands, duos, solo entertainment, comedians and the list goes on and on. There is no shortage of exceptional entertainment available at AES.