Tribute Band v’s Cover Band

We have a huge range of entertainment at Australian Entertainment Services (AES).  We are proud to present some of Australia’s best entertainers taking your event or venue entertainment to the next level.

When creating a corporate event, party, wedding, or hiring a band for venue entertainment, we will work with you to find the best band to suit your guests.  We may ask if you are having a themed event? If so, we’ll suggest different bands and other types of entertainment to match your theme.  We may ask about your guests/patrons general age, interests etc, to again, suggest the best entertainment to leave your guests feeling fabulous at the end of the day or night.

If you’re new to creating the perfect event, party, or finding the best live music for your venue, you may wonder what the difference between a Tribute Band and Cover Band is.

Basically, Tribute Bands exclusively play songs from a specific well known band in Australia or abroad.  They aim to replicate the material and favourites from the original artists.  They may, or may not dress like the band depending on who they portray and what their objective is.

Why Tribute Bands? These exceptional musicians and vocalists can replicate the music of band no longer touring, bands not touring in Australia and bands no longer  with us. They also replicate bands still touring. Tribute Bands bring the artists music to people who find concert tickets out of reach or unable to travel to concert venues.  Tribute shows are very popular in regional areas bringing whole towns together.

We have a myriad of popular Tribute bands available Australia wide. The Robbie Williams Experience is a very popular band as is 100% Kylie. AES have many tribute acts that that cover the following bands;  ABBA, Queen, Buddy Holly, Australian Crawl, Fleetwood Mac, INXS, Gold Chisel, Madonna, Bon Jovi … the list goes on and on.  Our Tribute Bands have perfected their craft and will not let you down. Your guests will leave having felt they experienced the real thing igniting memories or finding themselves new fans of the original group.

A cover bands are equally talented and entertaining performing a variety of songs from various artists.  Some will stick to a specific genre or decade, while others will perform a selections of songs from a few decades.

Cover Bands come in many different forms and cover a huge range of music.  Australia Entertainment Services represent, for example, SCAT, The George Trimmer Band, and 21/20 who have entertained guests for years with huge following, playing a huge range of music from the 80’s to today’s current music trends.

On the other spectrum we have newer cover bands such as Radio Star and Bounce performing covers both from the 80s through to current music trends, again, with their own following audiences.

All of our bands, both Tribute Bands and Cover Bands certainly know how to put on a fabulous show whether playing for a small intimate affair to a huge room our outdoor festival.

Speak to us about the very many bands available for your next event or celebration.