DJ’s keeping your guests on the dance floor!

The technical name for a DJ is Disc Jockey.  At its very basic explanation, a DJ plays tracks whether from Vinyl records (traditionally) or electrical equipment.  A DJ is much more than its basic definition.  DJs know music.  They know technical equipment. They know the genre and they know the audiences. Party DJ’s,  Venue and Hotel DJ’sCorporate DJ’s, Promotional DJ’s , Public Event DJ’s and Wedding DJ’s know exactly what your guests will respond to and what will get them on the dance floor.  Australian Entertainment Services is Australia’s leading entertainment agency that will find the right DJ for your corporate event, special occasion, wedding, party, and venue entertainment, then, of course, your theme.

There are a ton of skills a good DJ needs;

  • Rhythm
  • Understanding the structure of music (and each tune)
  • Ability to count (and concentrate despite the music, the people, the requests, and working the equipment)
  • Technical skills
  • Perform under pressure
  • Understand people and read body language
  • Know ALL of the music they are planning to play and some.

It might look like a fun and glamorous job, but it is much more difficult than a DJ will let on.  We certainly don’t take our AES DJ’s for granted and as the top DJ Agency in Melbourne, we certainly know what it takes to keep guests on the dancefloor and thoroughly entertained.

All you need to provide the AES team is who your audience is, your party or event theme, the general age of your audience, and, of course, your preference of genre.

Whether you use a DJ between a cover band, tribute band, or solo sets or as stand-alone entertainment, you can’t go wrong.  DJs are a fabulous way to bring entertainment and keep guests and patrons on a dancefloor in a very cost-effective way. No matter what the theme, event, or audience, Australian Entertainment DJs can elevate your event and give guests a really fabulous time.

AES DJs will provide anything from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s music to current-day top 50 songs, to electro music to suit the younger crowd.  We can also pair the right DJ with the right Cover Band or Tribute Band if you want to elevate your event even more.

So, the big question is, what genre will get your guests dancing all day and night??  Contact the Australian Entertainment Services team to discuss how our DJs can take your event to the next level.