Hot August Night

The wait is over, The Australian Neil Diamond Tribute Band “Hot August Night” has arrived. Hot August Night is a five piece band of quality musicians and vocalists that have been working together for over twenty years within Melbourne and around Australia. You will not hear a tighter bunch of musicians. The bonds that have been formed within the band after playing together for so many years have an infectious effect on every audience they play to.

Additional information

Matt Eldridge, founding member and lead singer from the successful Fatcats Revenge takes on the part of the man himself “Neil Diamond”, if you close your eyes, you will be taken back to that hot August night in 1972. After immersing themselves into Neil Diamond, the band have captured the sound and emotion of the Hot August Night era of Neil Diamond, a young, intense singer from Brooklyn New York, telling his story through music to the world. The Hot August Night Band will be hitting a stage in your town very soon, complete with a full production show.