SHINE have been playing weddings, functions and parties for nearly 20 years, but their pedigree goes back even further. With amazing vocals and consummate musicianship, the emphasis is on live performance. Flying fingers on keys and guitar and no karaoke-style backing tracks means that SHINE the Trio sounds like a real band with only three members. Great value.

Additional information

Their collective experience means that they can downscale while still maintaining the bottom-line quality that has kept them working across Melbourne and Victoria for so long. Cheryl on lead vocals is the core. A spell-binding singer, she spent 10 years in New York and London, working on TV, with Sting’s band, and with Martha from the Motels. We’re lucky that she wanted to come home! For the Duo, Cheryl is joined by either Paul on guitar, or John on keys. It depends on who is available, and what is appropriate for your event. Please discuss the options with your AES advisor.

Whatever you choose, SHINE will bring international style and professionalism to your event. As you would expect, SHINE is experienced playing a wide variety of musical styles, but concentrate on the classics known and loved by a broad cross-section of audiences. They know how to bring a room to life, and give everyone a good time.