Roving Characters

Melbourne based impressionist/impersonator Robert Michaels brings you his roving characters, Charles Chaplin, Captain Jack Sparrow, Frank Spencer & Ace Ventura. He doesn’t just walk around in costume; he brings each character to life….

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Some of Roving Characters Great Caricatures 


That inept, infuriating, injury prone and very funny man is back, he can wander around at your event causing havoc where ever he goes. If required he even has a 25-minute stage performance where everything that can go wrong does go wrong.


Jack Sparrow is one of the Pirate Lords of the Seven Seas. He can be treacherous and survives mostly by using wit and negotiation rather than by force, opting to flee most dangerous situations and to fight only when necessary, he’ll walk among the guests trying to find his beloved ship the Black Pearl.


Chaplin, became a worldwide icon through his screen persona, the ‘Tramp’ and is considered one of the most important figures in the history of the film industry. Michaels brings the ‘Tramp’ back to life Either as a roving character or a 25-minute stage performance or both.


Ace Ventura is an eccentric self-styled “pet detective” who forsook regular police work to concentrate on this latter pursuit. he is notable for extraordinary powers of observation and deduction; Ventura’s eccentricities include his exceedingly flamboyant behaviour; despite this, he is a dedicated detective, driven by an insatiable adoration of animals. Ace wanders around the room with a large black Vulture on his arm, picking on anyone who gets in his way.


If you have a character in mind and give us enough notice and we can bring him or her to your next event.