Santa Monica

Santa Monica Band are an authentic sound that is particularly hard to come by these days, in a musical entertainment industry full of updated and new music. Santa Monica Band will take you back to the roots of music in its truest and original form.

Additional information

The band consists of some of Australia’s leaders in professional musical entertainment. Drawing from influences from the classic performers such as Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye & Ella Fitzgerald. These musicians pride themselves in having the ‘right sound’ to portray the era.

Music Director & Pianist Mike Pensini (David Campbell, James Morrison) holds a modern approach. This ensures that Rhys Tolhurst’s (‘AGT’, ‘All Together Now’) vocals stand out and the audience are tapping their feet. Whether it be wedding entertainment, corporate entertainment or any other private and public events. This energetic and nostalgic performance is bound to please those of all ages.